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Applicable to the ESI plan, the ESI scheme refers to all factories and other companies, as described in the act. ESIC deduction ratio deducts as per rules and regulations. It depends on your gross salary. The PF deduction ratio is on your basic salary. Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is a legal, corporate group, liable for the management of the ESI scheme. ESI the scheme existing contributory all the workers in the industries or companies to which the act implements shall be insured. Each employee has a code for these schemes, and the employer also has a code for that. By these codes, both sides check their status about PF. Mantra & Co. help you out in all this kind of legal activity. We have an expert team with professional knowledge. You can find hassle-free systems to work at Mantra & Co.


Employees’ Provident Fund Organization, India Ministry of Labor.To register, please insert details as indicated on the forms. Mantra & Co will support you to register for this assignment with qualified team members. The reduction in the statutory rate of EPF contributions during the lockdown period.
Mantra & Co only need some documents from your side to register, like a GST certificate, address proof, electricity bill, etc. You can also check the balance and manage the loan from EPF also.


Mantra & Co. provide online registration for ESIC. No physical documents are required for online registration. You can also log in for ESIC registeration with suppliers, contractors, labor, etc. ESIC registration is mandatory for every factory and specified establishments, who have ten or more permanent employees. Take a health insurance plan for your workers with Employee State Insurance from ESIC. Fast and Simple method at Mantra & Co for ESI Registration online.

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